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Sunday, July 15, 2018

IDCC Golf Renovation - Update as of 7/14

Above is the area to the right of #6 tee box, looking into #4 fairway. The crew, under the direction of Superintendent Jack Hester, is clearing out undergrowth where possible to increase air circulation and reclaim areas where possible. 

We are now at the last phase of the Golf Course Renovation Project, "the regrassing of our fairways". Here you see soil being aerated, which is a process that introduces oxygen into the soil so that our new grass will be healthier. 


The fairway regrassing operation started on the 14th of July, but we are still experiencing delays due to Sod farms and grass "sprig" suppliers dealing with heavy rainfall and flooding. The farms supplying us are predominantly in central Florida, where it has rained virtually every afternoon this season. To stay on schedule we are  working weekends and late days, hoping to have all sprigging done by July 20th. 

After all sprigging is complete, a "grow in" period of at least 16 weeks is needed, which will put us into early November, or Saturday the 9th to be exact. The staff and crew are doing everything we can to reopen as early as possible. The best thing would be for the weather to cooperate with lots of hot sunny days and let Mother Nature accelerate "OUR GROWIN". 


Bill Kirkland 
President IDCC

PS - One more important point not to overlook, WE WILL BE UNDER BUDGET! 

 Ongoing aeration of the fairways


This is a fairway sprigging machine. Workers are raking the "sprigs" to keep them loose so they will fall through the machine to the ground. Then they are sliced by a disc and rolled flat by a roller. Next step is to water them in.

Here's the fairway after sprigs are "cut in" awaiting watering.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

IDCC Golf Renovation - Update as of 7/4

The following pictures reflect 1 week's growth after Pike's nursery installed sprigs on the tees and greens 6/27. Tees and Greens are all shown for all holes. Please remember sod is used around all tees, greens and bunkers to hold all slopes and grading during irrigation.  

#1 Tee

#1 Green

#2 Tee

#2 Fairway

#2 Green

#3 Superintendents Tee

#3 Back Tee

#3 Green

#4 Tee

#4 Green

#5 Tee

#5 Green

#6 Tee

#6 Fairway

#6 Green

#7 Tee

#7 Fairway Bunker

#7 Green

#8 Tee (completed 2017)

#8 Green (completed 2017)

#9 Tee

#9 Fairway

#9 Green

Practice Putting Green

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE THESE PICS AGAIN WITHOUT SCROLLING BACK AGAIN HIT PLAY HERE (hit > twice to download, then # on lower right corner to view full screen):

Wednesday, June 27, 2018


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Sunday, June 24, 2018

IDCC Golf Renovation - SOD Update as of 6/24,SPRIG Update as of 6/29

Note that this post illustrates the method for finalizing all tees on all holes, including #6, #4 and #3. To protect new slopes and contours from run-off,  sod is used to prep all areas for grow-in,  expected to take months. Click any pic to enlarge.

New sod on tee slope #6 back tee

New forward tee #4

Our golf course architect Harry Bowers laying the base for cart path next to forward tee on #2

Sod for new back tee on #3, also known as "superintendents" tee

This is Bill from Pike's nursery in Georgia, the company who supplied our sprigs. He is "cutting in" our sprigs by running over them with a vertical reel followed by a roller to press them into the ground. This process will be duplicated for all tees and greens at IDCC. 

Shaking out of sprigs onto #1 tee

Watering in of sprigs on #7 tee.

We are using CELEBRATION grass sprigs on our tees and fairways, tees will be done on the 28th and 29th of June. 
Pike's will also be sprigging our greens during this time with TIFT DWARF "EAGLE" grass, an industry proven strain that is both drought and disease resistant in addition to its non dormant capability. Using this grass will mean that we no longer have to "overseed", a savings of $6,000 per year.

Close-up of sprigs after being "cut in". Note lines in picture denoting verticut indentations which enable sprigs contact the soil and grow!

Monday, June 18, 2018

IDCC Golf Renovation - Update as of 6/16

As of this Update, work is progressing on many components for multiple holes, as shown in the pictures below (click on any pic to enlarge)

Area in front of #6 green, being raised to enhance drainage in front and to the right

Sod (celebration Bermuda sod) being added to tee bank on #1. 
We sod all slopes around each Tee and Green complex to prevent erosion during grow-in period  

New lowered tee on #5 also back of tee is raised adding tiered effect

This is Billy our laser tee leveling expert, doing his work on LADIES tee on #6

LADIES tee box on #1 already laser leveled and ready to sod the slopes!

Crew installing 6" perforated pipeline in ground for drainage.

As an FYI during this project we will install nearly 3/4 of a mile of underground drainage in the greens and fairways of Island Dunes CC.

Sod going down on #1 tee and #7 tee, see special note on sod at the end of this post

New tee box on #4, note that tee is now tiered, also the back tee was eliminated due to a shade problem and could not grow grass on it!

New drainage for #9 fairway near the green. 

Special Note on SOD

After being hit with over 20 inches of rain in late May, June has brought some relief and allowed us to complete a good number of scheduled deliverables. That has not helped our local sod suppliers however who are still under water, forcing us to go elsewhere for sod at a further distance and increased cost. These costs are being controlled as much as possible despite the effects of Mother Nature on this project.      

Sunday, June 17, 2018

IDCC Golf Renovation - Update as of 6/3

Below is the new #1 green with drainage installed, next step is to fill the bowl of the green with USGA mix and do contouring and prepare for grassing!

One down, eight to go!

Here you can see #1 Green on the Left and #1 Sand Trap on the Right


Drainage being installed in #6 green. Those really are shadows in the pictures as they were taken on Sat AM 6/2/18.