Monday, June 18, 2018

IDCC Golf Renovation - Update as of 6/16

As of this Update, work is progressing on many components for multiple holes, as shown in the pictures below (click on any pic to enlarge)

Area in front of #6 green, being raised to enhance drainage in front and to the right

Sod (celebration Bermuda sod) being added to tee bank on #1. 
We sod all slopes around each Tee and Green complex to prevent erosion during grow-in period  

New lowered tee on #5 also back of tee is raised adding tiered effect

This is Billy our laser tee leveling expert, doing his work on LADIES tee on #6

LADIES tee box on #1 already laser leveled and ready to sod the slopes!

Crew installing 6" perforated pipeline in ground for drainage.

As an FYI during this project we will install nearly 3/4 of a mile of underground drainage in the greens and fairways of Island Dunes CC.

Sod going down on #1 tee and #7 tee, see special note on sod at the end of this post

New tee box on #4, note that tee is now tiered, also the back tee was eliminated due to a shade problem and could not grow grass on it!

New drainage for #9 fairway near the green. 

Special Note on SOD

After being hit with over 20 inches of rain in late May, June has brought some relief and allowed us to complete a good number of scheduled deliverables. That has not helped our local sod suppliers however who are still under water, forcing us to go elsewhere for sod at a further distance and increased cost. These costs are being controlled as much as possible despite the effects of Mother Nature on this project.      

Sunday, June 17, 2018

IDCC Golf Renovation - Update as of 6/3

Below is the new #1 green with drainage installed, next step is to fill the bowl of the green with USGA mix and do contouring and prepare for grassing!

One down, eight to go!

Here you can see #1 Green on the Left and #1 Sand Trap on the Right


Drainage being installed in #6 green. Those really are shadows in the pictures as they were taken on Sat AM 6/2/18.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

IDCC Golf Renovation - Update as of 5/31


  • This has impacted our work schedule somewhat and forced us to work on "higher ground" as weather permits but that has been limited as well to the only two non-rainy days of the last two weeks. 

  • The cessation of rain promptly will be the best way for us to get back on schedule. Views of recent progress that's been made are included below.

Drainage Going in Along Back Edge on #1 Green (All New) 

Removal of palmettos, reshaping of fairway trap and trimming of existing cabbage palms, left side #2 fairway


Thursday, May 24, 2018

IDCC Golf Renovation - Update as of 5/24

Even though our renovation project is underway there are still regular tasks to be completed. 

Here is Jack Hester greens superintendent "verticutting" #8 Green.

Nice view of the Indian River as Joe mows #8 green

Christian Velasquez, our assistant superintendent doing regular trap maintenance on #8 sand trap.

 The Existing #9 tee after extensive removal of invasive vegetation 

… who knew you could see all that water?

Here's the #1 green and sand trap (note white lines on green floor) They denote where our drainage lines are to run, something our old greens did not have.

Here's the #1 tee, not new path on left running through palms in rough. Also pay attention to blue sky, first sunshine in 9 days. We have had over 9" of rain from May 13th - 22nd! 

And here's Bill Kirkland checking #1 green for irrigation coverage.

This Pic shows Reworking #2 fairway trap adding drain pipes to aid in removing rain water. 

 Also recontouring trap bottom to reduce maintenance by enabling staff to use only mechanized sand rake!


Monday, May 21, 2018

IDCC Golf Renovation - Update as of May 18

In Late April We Started Spraying to Eradicate the Existing Grass, Now it is All Done


After meeting with our sub-contractor, Talent Golf and Architect (Harry Bowers) it was determined that drainage could be installed in #7 fairway that would eliminate much of the wetness of the left side. The Picture below shows fill that's been used on the #7 Fairway to prevent wetness for most of the area.  

Today, May 18th, even though we have had 5" of rain this week, we are nearly finished with not only #7 but we are also improving drainage on #6 & #4.

The drain line shown helps with the standing water between the 3rd and 4th green. It sank down by the back pond of the water plant.

Where This Drainage Line is Located , We Shouldn't be Seeing that Marshy Area Alongside #4 Flood Over in a Heavy Rain


Our new fairway grass will grow more heartily with adequate aeration and sun exposure. For this reason we are removing palmetto's and exposing the trees that line #2 & #6. On #9 we are removing invasive species on the river side to open the view to the river.

We Should Also be Able to Find More of Those Balls Previously "Lost" in the Palmettos


The crew is working hard everyday, and our new superintendent, Jack Hester, is doing a great job!

We are obtaining a lot of our "fill" dirt by mining it ourselves by excavating it on property. This is proving to be a cost savings that we can certainly use as new challenges pop up daily as is to be expected on a project this size.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

IDCC Golf Renovation - Schedule

Please Note: All Tasks are Subject to Change Due to Weather and the Availability of Supplies and Equipment

Aerial View - Turf Eradication Task
In Progress

Here's Jack Hester, Harry Bowers, Dave Gordon with Bill Kirkland in the Background Re-Contouring the Back Half of #6 Green to Allow for New Chipping Area 

As Per Plan, This is the Fill for #7 Fairway. Goal is to Keep the Fairway High and Dry Without Flooding and Unplayables